OK-5111t 275-Inch Crystal Drop Table Lamp

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if you want to create an extravagant, contemporary look you might want to add one or two of these divine “crystal drop” table lamps to your decor..The effect will be elegance personified as the visual appeal of this lamp is simply enchanting and I could imagine the glow of this lamp lighting up a Paris or chic black and white theme..

Size is 17″ in length x 17″ in width x 27.5″ in height with an on/off switch.

Sheer black shade. Chrome finish, with draping crystals.

(Max: 40-watt light bulb)

Average review rating is 4.7 out of 5

“This is a lovely lamp! I am so pleased with this purchase. The black shade is stunning. The shade has a sheerness to it which allows light to shine through it. I have it on my desk by a window. I enjoy being able to see the sun shine through the shade and I am able to see the hint of the chandelier accents. I ordered GE clear candle shape bulbs (bent tip decorative). Drop prisms are glass the chain medallions are plastic but still lovely. The cups under the lights are glass. This is a quality lamp for the price. I am amazed. To turn on the lamp you just tap anywhere on the surface and it turns on. It has three light levels. The lowest setting is beautiful at night and could be used as a night light to help you find your way in the dark. You have to tap through the light levels to turn off. It came in pieces to assemble but was easy to put together. Be careful to look for the extra drops in the box packed separately together… I almost missed them in my excitement. I realized the next day there should be more. Some of the drop prisms on the lower part of the lamp come installed and I was so happy with how that looked as it was even without the extras! I realized the next day to go look in the box and found me. The glass cups under the lights have tiny drilled holes to fasten the drops to.. I did not see these at first…hard to see which is good because the holes are not obvious. Just thread the drop prism tie through, twist, and pinch. My family and friends thought it was stunning! There is no way I could afford this lamp if it was cut crystal. This is more than good enough for my needs. BEAUTIFUL!” by ArtDeco9


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