Black And White Curtains

Black and white curtains have been on trend as of late, and for good reason. This timeless look offers a feel of elegance and contemporary flair, regardless of whatever décor scheme it’s paired with. Whether you love simple stripes, or intricate floral designs, a black and white home can transform your space into one of beauty and smart form.

A home with a black and white decor can open up a room not just in the regards to square footage, but also to an exquisite palate of taste. The first impression when walking into a black and white themed room is the feeling of upscale luxury. Most specifically when it comes to black and white curtains. No matter what other décor scheme you have existing in a room, black and white curtains can completely change the look into something breathtaking. Here, you have tons of choices as well. From panels to sheers, there are tons of window treatments you can bring into your home, and no matter what the current trend of design, a black and white decor interior, is always on point.

Perhaps the most popular type of curtains are panels, and these mix and match brilliantly with sheers, blackout curtains, grommets, or roman shades. Panels give you the ability to do whatever you want with whatever kinds of windows you’re decorating. Panels also serve as more of a decoration than functional, so most of the time, you’ll be pairing these with other types of curtains as mentioned before. Panels are where you want to be bold with your black and white scheme. Think thick black and white stripes, or giant white polka dots on a black background. Black floral designs on white fabric stand out beautifully, as do faux paint strokes making images of the Eiffel Tower, or words spelling out famous world cities. Chevron is also a hugely loved design that classes up a room instantly, along with the timeless damask or Fleur de lis designs. Have a favorite animal print? You can also dress up your curtains in prints of zebra or cheetah for an extra flirty look. Grommets can also be as bold and brilliant in black and white decoration as panels, though the look they deliver is slightly more low-key, as the fabric is significantly less. These look great in kitchens and bathrooms. Black out curtains can boast the same big black and white designs as well, and they also are functional with their ability to block out the sun. These look astounding in bedrooms especially.

Curtains in a black and white decor can also be brought in with a more subtle look. Sheers in black with white threading, or roman shades in blocked black and white paneling offer a sophisticated feel with less detailing. Sheers with black and white checked designs, or even an intricate toile pattern can make any room pop, whether they are used alone or paired with other types of curtains.

Regardless of how big and bold, or whimsical and subtle you choose to go with your black and white curtain scheme, you can really make a room feel as though you have entered a palace with a clean, yet timeless look.

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