Black And White Decor With A Stunning Zebra Print Theme

A black and white interior is in a class of its own and often requires no more than the two tone power of these conflicting neutrals to create a stunning space in the home.

There are patterns galore that work beautifully with a black and white theme including the regal damask motif, always a popular choice for a Paris theme plus the funky retro chevron pattern, paisley, on trend geometrics and zebra print a timeless animal print pattern that always lends itself to the bold color combo of black with white!

From furniture to select decor pieces and bedding, zebra print adds an instant point of interest in a black and white decor interior drawing the eye immediately to the delightfully wavy pattern of nature’s camouflage as seen in the wild!

it doesn’t take much to create a pop of pattern when working with black and white zebra print as the design is strong and impressive, making it a superb accent choice for a monochrome look. When it comes to putting a room together experimentation is the key to a successful outcome so take whatever zebra print furnishings you already have and place them wherever you like in the room. It will soon become clear what works for you and what is too much or too little zebra  accent for the size of room.

To get you started add zebra print accessories to your newly decorated black/white bathroom…always a stunning effect, or a pair of matching, zebra Louis style accent chairs is a guaranteed winner for a standout black and white living room. A zebra print comforter or duvet presents an easy wow factor in  the bedroom while a backdrop of wildly vivacious zebra curtains will create a dramatic impact in any room. Let’s not ignore the chef’s space where zebra print can be a fun and fabulous accessories look or the nursery, a popular choice for it’s gender neutral style. You can add zebra print wall decor or wallpaper if you dare to inspire and zebra lamps, vases, rugs and real life figurines, the kids will be sure to like.

A black and white decor is always a success and whether you prefer  an elegant, contemporary, classical or eclectic approach, once you add a little zebra print, the explosion of primitive pattern ensures a front page magazine placement!

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