The Black And White Choice

Welcome to the glamorous world of black and white decor where a room can be transformed into a contemporary/classical showcase just by using two opposing forces which are literally the source of the color wheel…black and white..

It’s simple cool, crisp clean lines make it a decorating winner every time and a popular choice in today’s homes where a chic, bold statement is the beauty of a black and white room is that most colors can provide an exceptional accent effect giving a space coordinated this way that fabulous “Pop Factor” other color schemes may not quite achieve..

A black and white room can look elegant, fun or very funky depending on what style you choose to enhance the space and this could be anything from a feature wall covered in black and white damask to a zany zebra print sofa with a back drop of walls painted in black and white. In an era of anything goes when it comes to enriching an interior this color choice is an effortless way to create a fashionable, exciting area within your home that will never tire as fashions, trends come and go..

Often referred to as a “can’t go wrong with it” and white is a constant decorating theme that has and always will...endure..