A black and white interior is in a class of its own and often requires no more than the two tone power of these conflicting neutrals to create a stunning space in the home.

There are patterns galore that work beautifully with a black and white theme including the regal damask motif, always a popular choice for a Paris theme plus the funky retro chevron pattern, paisley, on trend geometrics and zebra print a timeless animal print pattern that always lends itself to the bold color combo of black with white!

From furniture to select decor pieces and bedding, zebra print adds an instant point of interest in a black and white decor interior drawing the eye immediately to the delightfully wavy pattern of nature’s camouflage as seen in the wild!

it doesn’t take much to create a pop of pattern when working with black and white zebra print as the design is strong and impressive, making it a superb accent choice for a monochrome look. When it comes to putting a room together experimentation is the key to a successful outcome so take whatever zebra print furnishings you already have and place them wherever you like in the room. It will soon become clear what works for you and what is too much or too little zebra  accent for the size of room.

To get you started add zebra print accessories to your newly decorated black/white bathroom…always a stunning effect, or a pair of matching, zebra Louis style accent chairs is a guaranteed winner for a standout black and white living room. A zebra print comforter or duvet presents an easy wow factor in  the bedroom while a backdrop of wildly vivacious zebra curtains will create a dramatic impact in any room. Let’s not ignore the chef’s space where zebra print can be a fun and fabulous accessories look or the nursery, a popular choice for it’s gender neutral style. You can add zebra print wall decor or wallpaper if you dare to inspire and zebra lamps, vases, rugs and real life figurines, the kids will be sure to like.

A black and white decor is always a success and whether you prefer  an elegant, contemporary, classical or eclectic approach, once you add a little zebra print, the explosion of primitive pattern ensures a front page magazine placement!

Zebra Print Bedroom

Zebra Print Wallpaper

Zebra Print Bathroom


Zebra Print Rug



Choosing black and white as your base color combo is often a very wise and cost effective decision, as it’s fairly difficult to make a room in your home look anything but truly amazing!

Let’s Go Black On The Walls For A Dynamic, Cozy Effect!

For a super moody look, paint the walls in black, adding white furniture and decor accents to create a dramatic space that always catches the eye.You may never go back to white walls once you see the impact this bold color will have on any space and the fact it’s a neutral, means its going to work with any other color. You might be protesting right now that black walls especially in a relatively cramped room will close in the space but believe it or not, the opposite can be the case, as clever interior designers are aware a small space can benefit from dark colored wails adding depth and interest, while offering the illusion of more space and a cozy ambiance.  Ever noticed when walking into a room painted in black how the lines of wall definition fade before your very eyes? A clever design trick often used to give a cramped bathroom or bedroom, a defining look

Let’s Talk Feature Walls, To Liven Up A Black And White Decor Theme!

You might have individual pieces of black and white furniture, which will take on a bold and classy look if you paint the walls in white and perhaps feature a wall in charcoal or wallpaper with a black and white pattern such as damask, stripes or popular geometrics. If you want to soften the theme, add a wooden coffee table, picture frames or a touch of natural wicker to warm up the room.

So What Accent Color Should I Chose?

It’s easy to add a color to a black and white decor theme and anything from golden yellow, rich red and hot pink accents will bounce beautifully off the black/white bringing a beauty all of it’s own to a monochromatic makeover in your bedroom, bathroom or living room. Before you consider adding a splash of turquoise to your newly painted room, take a moment to consider the visual value of metallics as an accent choice with a sparkle of gold, silver, copper or bronze, to energize the overall look of a fabulous black and white decor theme!

Get Glamorous With Metallics!

A gold or silver mirror adds instant class and glamour, while other decor pieces such as metallic lamps, ornaments will light up a black and white space with a glittering appeal, that exudes style and panache on a very grand scale. When you’re decorating with a black and white decor theme the options are endless, as this naturally neutral, color combo can evolve into a stunningly decorated room, you’ll absolutely love to spend time in and show off to friends.

Before you start look around at how others have made black and white, a make over triumph!

A pop of color, pattern!

Just Beautiful Black And White

Black Walls In A Small Space

  Black And White With Gold Accents









So you want to redecorate the guest bedroom but with so many decor color choices, you are wondering what a black and white decor theme will do for this space!

You may have read that this is one of the easiest themes to put together as it’s hard to go wrong when you are mixing these two powerful, but perfectly coordinated hues. The white will add a cool fresh feel to the room while the black will warm it all up and.if the furniture is looking tired, drag it out to the garage and give it a brand new black or white appeal. You’ll be amazed how sleek old furniture can look with a little paint.

When it comes to the walls in the room you could go all white or color one wall as a feature in charcoal, The effect can be outstanding!

Dress the bed in the same black and white decor  color combo with any pattern you like. This could be a beautiful Paris damask comforter, duvet or bedding with a funky retro chevron flavor, the choice is yours and will stamp the personality of the room.

You might want to add in an accent color such as hot pink, lime green or turquoise for a trendy modern appeal or go for the tried and true with classic red. If these colors are not for you the softer hues of lavender, light pink or shades of brown probably will.. Metallics work like a dream with this color mix bringing a sparkle to the room, with touches of gold, silver or copper..

One you have the room set up you can keep adding points of interest like a zebra print rug or a grouping of black and white artwork on a wall..You can create a contemporary, elegant or funky space with a black and white decor and make changes as often as you like without having to redecorate the entire room!


One of the most popular décor scheme out there is the concept of doing black and white decor rooms in your home. The reason for this is that your options for any type of motif are endless, as you can capture a shabby chic look or even a more subtle modern look. Anything you wish to transform spaces in your home into can be done in the form of a black and white interior décor.

You see, the black and white decor palate itself is crisp and elegant, and extremely inviting. It’s versatile in all the looks you can do with it, from bold bedding prints to exquisite gray scale artwork to pieces of furniture that capture a retro or a Victorian feel. What’s even better is that you can incorporate the black and white schematics into any room in your home, opening up your space and making it truly eye-catching.

Black and white makes smaller rooms specifically pop and feel bigger than they actually are. Take a bathroom for instance. White tile flooring with white fuzzy bathmats and bold, shiny black soap dispensers, fluffy towels, and a gorgeous black and white floral canvas can transform a once tiny bathroom real estate space into a spa-like retreat.

Likewise, in a kitchen or dining room space, you can make these rooms pop with furniture pieces and accents. From a gleaming black dining room table with sleek black and white chairs with metal accents to large artwork prints framed in black wood, you can tie every piece of detail in these rooms together using just these two colors. Accessories pack just as big of a punch, so don’t forget gorgeous black and white designed coasters, tablecloths, dishcloths, and place mats for all your eatery and gathering areas.

Moving on to your most important space in the home—your living and relaxing area. This is where you go to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor for all the hard work you do every day, so why not make it a true area of refinement and fun at the same time? Black and white accent chairs, love seats, ottomans, and coffee tables are great places to start when spiffing up your living room with a black and white décor theme. Black and white wall decals pop against any color of paint on your walls, while you can also take on some DIY projects that can incorporate this décor, too. Something as simple as painting ceiling fan blades black, re-purposing a TV stand in black and white designs, or taking some old vases and stenciling them in bold black and white patterns can all make any space in your home look completely polished and sophisticated.

When bringing black and white rooms into your home, you can really do just about anything you wish with something as simple as a window curtain to something as big as a sofa or bedding set. Even better is that when seasons or moods change, black and white rooms are so easy to change up in your own style.

Elegant black And White Bathroom

Chic Modern Black And White Bedroom

Are you ready to create a romantic, black and white Paris themed bedroom?

A black and white Paris bedroom theme is a popular and chic way to transform your bedroom into the ultimate sophisticated look. With iconic images of the French city mixed with simple, yet bold palates of the two most basic colors, you can really create a masterpiece of black and white décor with just your bedding pieces.

Interchanging your Paris bedroom décor scheme is practically effortless with black and white Parisian bedding. No matter what existing theme you have in your bedroom, the crisp dual colored bedding décor really blends with everything. Bolder wall colors such as pinks, reds, and blues particularly look extraordinary next to Paris bedding, no matter how simple or extravagant it might be. When designing your Parisian black and white bedding look, your pattern options are pretty endless. Think a snow white comforter with bold, black damask print that really pops, or black and white Egyptian cotton sheets that boast artwork images of the Eiffel Tower. Accent pillows with sweet and classic toile designs paired with a black duvet covered with white Fleur de Lis images is an absolutely breathtaking way to showcase your love for this popular style of bedding and décor.

For an extra unique black and white decor look that still has a dazzling impact, go all out with a complete bedding set of the softest black and white fabrics laden with French phrases or images of the most iconic Parisian sites, such as the Louvre and the Arc De Triomphe. Regardless of your personal taste or mood, a black and white Paris bedroom theme offers a little something for everyone.

Sometimes the simplest décor palate of colors can pack the biggest punch for design—especially in the bedroom of your home. Black and white bedding is the perfect example of this, as you can mix and match these two basic hues with any pattern or existing décor scheme. The most beautiful bedding styles are designed in the versatile, crisp colors of black and white, and you can encompass any look or personality flair with them. Black and white bedding is also universally interchangeable, so it has never been easier to change up your style from season to season, or even from mood to mood!

For bolder looks when creating a black and white decor theme, bedding in this fabulous two-tone look comes in tons of gorgeous, snazzy patterns and prints that boast big décor impacts. Zebra and cheetah prints are especially popular in giving your bedroom a flirty look, while big, geometric shapes merge beautifully for popping designs. Pair a bold black and white comforter with likewise bold accents like bedskirts and pillows, or opt for simple, blocked accents that further accentuate the breathtaking designs.

Simple patterns of black and white that are extremely popular include chevron, polka dots, and stripes. These can all be mixed and matched with any other designs and their clean look offers a truly modern and lovely contemporary feel. Keep bedding black and white, or merge these designs with pops of color with throw blankets or accent pillows.

Black and white decor and bedding doesn’t always have to be loud and bold, or crisp and concise. Your bedding can also embody a flirty, feminine feel with black and white floral or damask patterns. These looks are just as versatile as other black and white styles, but give a lighter, sweeter air to your bedroom. Along the same lines, you can also find really great black and white bedding that incorporates your favorite things, such as Eiffel Tower artwork, faces of some of the most glamorous women in history like Audrey Hepburn, or romantic quotes about love and beauty.

You can even find gorgeous black and white bedding pieces that are catered specifically towards the seasons and holidays. Flannel sheets with Christmas tree designs, or a black and white quilt showcasing blooms of spring can really make you feel joyful and excited about each new approaching season. When you can change up your bedding like this, it gives a new dose of life to your room several times a year, which can directly impact your mood and an overall feeling of happiness. Black and white bedding is so interchangeable that you really can encompass everything you love and the excitement that comes with giving your bedroom a great makeover as often as you wish.

Black and white curtains have been on trend as of late, and for good reason. This timeless look offers a feel of elegance and contemporary flair, regardless of whatever décor scheme it’s paired with. Whether you love simple stripes, or intricate floral designs, a black and white home can transform your space into one of beauty and smart form.

A home with a black and white decor can open up a room not just in the regards to square footage, but also to an exquisite palate of taste. The first impression when walking into a black and white themed room is the feeling of upscale luxury. Most specifically when it comes to black and white curtains. No matter what other décor scheme you have existing in a room, black and white curtains can completely change the look into something breathtaking. Here, you have tons of choices as well. From panels to sheers, there are tons of window treatments you can bring into your home, and no matter what the current trend of design, a black and white decor interior, is always on point.

Perhaps the most popular type of curtains are panels, and these mix and match brilliantly with sheers, blackout curtains, grommets, or roman shades. Panels give you the ability to do whatever you want with whatever kinds of windows you’re decorating. Panels also serve as more of a decoration than functional, so most of the time, you’ll be pairing these with other types of curtains as mentioned before. Panels are where you want to be bold with your black and white scheme. Think thick black and white stripes, or giant white polka dots on a black background. Black floral designs on white fabric stand out beautifully, as do faux paint strokes making images of the Eiffel Tower, or words spelling out famous world cities. Chevron is also a hugely loved design that classes up a room instantly, along with the timeless damask or Fleur de lis designs. Have a favorite animal print? You can also dress up your curtains in prints of zebra or cheetah for an extra flirty look. Grommets can also be as bold and brilliant in black and white decoration as panels, though the look they deliver is slightly more low-key, as the fabric is significantly less. These look great in kitchens and bathrooms. Black out curtains can boast the same big black and white designs as well, and they also are functional with their ability to block out the sun. These look astounding in bedrooms especially.

Curtains in a black and white decor can also be brought in with a more subtle look. Sheers in black with white threading, or roman shades in blocked black and white paneling offer a sophisticated feel with less detailing. Sheers with black and white checked designs, or even an intricate toile pattern can make any room pop, whether they are used alone or paired with other types of curtains.

Regardless of how big and bold, or whimsical and subtle you choose to go with your black and white curtain scheme, you can really make a room feel as though you have entered a palace with a clean, yet timeless look.

A black and white decor theme in any room is classy and chic, offering a versatile style for all personalities. But bringing these contemporary colors into the bedroom can really turn your sleeping space into a pop of fabulous, no matter what your specific tastes. Black and white bedding is the perfect way to incorporate this dual-hued motif into your bedroom and can create a canvas for a positively posh space.

What’s really fantastic about black and white bedding is that you can do just about anything with it, depending on your preferences. It can be incorporated into any already-themed room, no matter what the style. Timeless prints like damask can be a splash on your bedding to give your room a romantic feel, while bolder patterns like zebra and leopard can bring in a sassy vibe.

It’s not just prints that you can really go crazy with when deciding on your black and white bedding—abstract shapes and lines make for a unique and quite dexterous look. Black and white polka dot comforters and blocked sheeting makes for bedding that certainly never feels boring. A black and white decor with bedding in the same color scheme can also offer a feminine vibe in your space. With decorative pillows covered in intricate floral designs or a duvet in black and white paisley patterns, these kind of looks truly make your bedroom into a sweet sanctuary.

For an exquisite and albeit unique look in your room, black and white bedding that boasts fantastical imagery of world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben can add a cosmopolitan flair. Comforters printed in black and white images of icons like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn bring a sophistication unlike any other to where you lay your head at night and can really make you feel glamorous.

Regardless of what pattern or designs you choose to incorporate in your black and white bedding, this contemporary style with a modern dash of simplicity manages to be extremely cool while keeping a warm and homey feel for your bedroom space.

Turquoise walls with beautiful black & white bedding!

Touches Of Pink..Perfect!

Red accents for sophistication!

Just…Black & White


A black and white Christmas theme is a brilliant motif to bring into your home. It’s sophisticated, versatile, and albeit quirky. The options for décor are absolutely limitless, which opens up your range for tons of Christmas spirit creativity!

The Christmas tree itself will be a sight to see, as you can choose from white or even silver. Wrap the tree in glittery black ribbon or sparkling black tinsel, and make sure you use plenty of bright, white lights to really illuminate your black and white theme. A black and white decor with a Christmas theme is bold, so you’ll want to go bold also with your accessories. Use big black teardrop and ball ornaments, and hang glass icicle ornaments for an optimum brightness effect from your lights. Top the tree with an extra large black and white striped bow that cascades down each side of the tree. For a tree skirt, whether you choose black or white, go for a fancier fabric like silk or satin.

Now for the other black and white décor, Christmas accents, where you’ll have the real fun. You can do just about anything with accessories to further make your theme pop. White deer figurines for your fireplace mantle and sofa tables, or black candlesticks with snowflake candles are a gorgeous addition. Black feathered wreaths with glittering white baubles and twigs are extremely unique and a fabulous decoration. Stand up boards in the shape of nativity or carolers can be placed along the walls and windows, while pure white poinsettias in gleaming black vases offer one more sophisticated holiday touch. You can even get crafty with painting monogrammed wood or foam cutouts of letters black and white to put up in your home to represent your name, or even words like “Joy”, “Merry Christmas”, or “Noel”.

With endless ways to make a black and white decor Christmas theme work splendidly in your home, this holiday season will be one you’ll certainly remember as one of a kind.