The thing about directors chairs is they can look just as good indoors or out and they are such a cool piece of furniture to have as they still remind us of Hollywood and film sets where the director had his own chair and the actors hung out in...

$50.98 as at 00:57 UTC. (Details)

White leather with a black frame makes this stylish, modern chair a great buy for the home office where comfort and good looks are required. Padded well with a strong sturdy construction, so those long hours spent sitting are completely pain...

$64.99 as at 01:39 UTC. (Details)

Furniture is more often black or white, so when I spotted this sharp looking multi-storage,TV stand in a classy mix of black and white, I knew there would be those of you, like myself who would think this was a really good find. There are four...

$210.00 as at 21:16 UTC. (Details)

Having a decor theme makes coordinating a room in color, style a breeze and if you are inspired by zebra stripes, I may have found you something that fits the theme, while organizing your shoes so you don't have to rummage through the closet every...

$10.19 as at 08:15 UTC. (Details)

Looking for extra storage with a zebra print appeal? You asked for it and here it is   A good looking storage unit/end table in black and white zebra print, that features a painted table-top, four collapsible, fabric bins with chrome handles on...

$34.00 as at 01:54 UTC. (Details)

Creating a black and white Paris themed room and looking for those special finishing touches that can make a theme pop with life! These very "Paris" drawer pulls will add that glamor to your dresser, chest and give it a tres bon Parisian...

$2.61 as at 11:49 UTC. (Details)

Sofa covers are a great way to change your decor look and save the expense of having to buy new furniture to suit. If it is a ruffled, elegant damask vision you desire then this beautiful damask with trendy stripes sofa cover will transform the...

$80.79 as at 03:57 UTC. (Details)

Decorated in a  timeless damask inspired pattern the "Bankers Box Cubby Bin" will make storing those things you have been meaning to get organized a breeze. They have plastic handles to make moving them around easy and come in a pack of two for...

$14.99 as at 01:37 UTC. (Details)

If you love surrounding yourself with the beauty of damask this black and white CD storage box will be a great find!...It's a lidded box covered in damask fabric with a cool chalkboard so you can list items stored in the box. Size is 5" x 5-3/4"...

$13.81 as at 23:26 UTC. (Details)