Love the look of these floating jumbo pearls, that look so beautiful on a coffee table or at a special event where you need something very special on the table, to catch the eye. For a chic, black and white look you can order the jumbo black pearls...

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Paper lanterns are taking on a whole new lease of life as gorgeous hanging decorations in various rooms in the home. With this black and white Oriental lantern you can highlight an Asian or Orient style theme to great effect.. Size is 15.5 inches...

$5.64 as at 17:01 UTC. (Details)

Beautiful black and white vintage style ..damask boxes to display or use for storage.. If damask makes your heart beat that little bit faster then add them to your decor look.. especially if it is a black and white theme..Of course you can use...

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Love the way we are finding the interior designer within and utilizing decor ideas "outsize the square"  to mix in with our themed rooms. These super cool, bright zebra lanterns would normally be found at a party celebration but now a ton of...

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Polka dots on a vase is a very funky appeal and made even more interesting by the black and white mix that gives this vase a very modern, chic look! The ceramic, earthenware vase is ideal for display on it's own or to present a small flower...

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The right look for a damask themed party and to decorate your Paris/French/Damask inspired bedroom this black and white/damask lantern will catch the eye every time you enter the room.. Size is approx.12" in diameter Average review rating is...

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Do you love chic accessories and jewelry?..then this glamorous ode to the traditional chandelier will be the perfect holder for your much loved rings, necklaces and bracelets.. Size is 6" x 8" x 5" -  Made of black colored metal.. An adorable...

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More often used as party decorations these gorgeous black and white damask paper lanterns are appearing in Paris themed bedrooms all over the world... They add that finishing touch to a girl's Parisian/inspired boudoir with the magical damask...

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Being a fan of black and white decor I can appreciate the excitement other connoisseurs of this fabulous look will feel when they place them in a bowl on the table for all to see.. The simplicity of black and white is engaging and I can only...

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