The Beauty Of A Black And White Decor

So you want to redecorate the guest bedroom but with so many decor color choices, you are wondering what a black and white decor theme will do for this space!

You may have read that this is one of the easiest themes to put together as it’s hard to go wrong when you are mixing these two powerful, but perfectly coordinated hues. The white will add a cool fresh feel to the room while the black will warm it all up and.if the furniture is looking tired, drag it out to the garage and give it a brand new black or white appeal. You’ll be amazed how sleek old furniture can look with a little paint.

When it comes to the walls in the room you could go all white or color one wall as a feature in charcoal, The effect can be outstanding!

Dress the bed in the same black and white decor  color combo with any pattern you like. This could be a beautiful Paris damask comforter, duvet or bedding with a funky retro chevron flavor, the choice is yours and will stamp the personality of the room.

You might want to add in an accent color such as hot pink, lime green or turquoise for a trendy modern appeal or go for the tried and true with classic red. If these colors are not for you the softer hues of lavender, light pink or shades of brown probably will.. Metallics work like a dream with this color mix bringing a sparkle to the room, with touches of gold, silver or copper..

One you have the room set up you can keep adding points of interest like a zebra print rug or a grouping of black and white artwork on a wall..You can create a contemporary, elegant or funky space with a black and white decor and make changes as often as you like without having to redecorate the entire room!


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